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About Us

Transforming businesses to accelerate growth in the Indian market

About Us - indiamarketresearch.com
About Us - indiamarketresearch.com

India Market Research provides strategy consulting and advisory services for local enterprises, government institutions, conglomerates, and multinational companies seeking growth in India.

Under YCP Solidiance, our expertise covers India's largest industries, including manufacturing, automotive, consumer and retail, healthcare, chemicals and energy, construction, private equity, financial services, and technology and telecommunications.

Our strategic recommendations are based on a thorough analysis of the Indian marketplace, allowing us to deliver high-impact solutions developed through a distinct and hands-on approach. We help transform local and multinational businesses and support them in accelerating growth in India.

How We Work

How We Work - indiamarketresearch.com

Market intelligence, not market data

We gather facts straight from the marketplace. Our seasoned consultants go direct to primary sources in India and conduct extensive fieldwork to tap into the expertise of industry insiders, allowing us to provide clients with insights to help them capitalize on opportunities in India.

Detailed research, personalized solutions

We offer tailor-made strategies and guidance for our clients based on their specific requirements and business goals. Our team carries out each project with a fresh perspective and delivers personalized strategies and high-impact solutions for your business.

How We Work - indiamarketresearch.com
How We Work - indiamarketresearch.com

Global skills, local expertise

Our experts at India Market Research are equipped with the language fluency, cultural skills, and deep industry knowledge required to provide consistently excellent engagements. We are dedicated to delivering a service that adds value to your business, and our transparent work approach keeps clients secure and confident in our findings.

Our Team

  • Pavan Kumar Madamsetty

    Pavan Kumar Madamsetty


    Pavan Madametty is a Partner based in New Delhi, India. He has over 10 years of consultancy expertise collaborating for Fortune500 corporations across a broad variety of industries. He has extensive experience in designing business expansion approaches and executing proposals for MNCs to extend their presence throughout India and Southeast Asia. He has also undertaken a vast range of assignments across Asia to counsel clients on go-to-market approaches across manufacturing, automobile, robotics, lubricants and healthcare. Pavan holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Jawaharlal University and an MBA from Thunderbird College of Global Management.

  • Utkarsh Kishore

    Utkarsh Kishore


    Utkarsh is a Manager with 10+ years of professional experience in management consulting and growth advisory services across the Asia Pacific (India, SEA, China, Australia, South Korea) and Europe (UK, France). In his consulting work, Utkarsh has been engaged with 40+ fortune 1000 clients across a variety of sectors - such as Construction Materials, Lubricants, Auto Components, Automation/ Electronics, and Medical Devices. He has done his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from U.P. Technical University, and an MBA from the Institute of Marketing & Management.

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